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Elend Venture by RoseMuse

Lord Elend Venture by RoseMuse

Elend Venture
is Vin's husband. He is a nobleman and heir to the prestigious House Venture. He meets Vin at a ball while she is in the guise of "Valette Renoux". During the Skaa rebellion, he manages to calm the people and convince them that blindly killing nobles will only cause chaos. His idealism and belief that the Skaa should be free, along with his nobility allows him to become the new king. He drafts a constitution so that an Assembly can vote no confidence in the King. The King also has to find their approval before doing many acts. This is a constitutional monarchy. After repeatedly ignoring their requests for emergency sessions for several weeks, council votes no confidence in the king- informing by letter- and ends up choosing Lord Penrod as the new one. About this time, Elend becomes a member of the Church of the Survivor, as doing so boosts his popularity among Skaa. After the death of his half brother, Vin proposes to Elend with Sazed as a witness, to which he accepts. Elend becomes emperor when Vin kills Straff Venture and intimidates his replacement, Lord Penrod, and Lord Ashweather Cett. Vin finds the Well of Ascension, and then the mist spirit stabs him, with the goal of having Vin take the power. Vin releases the power, along with Ruin. Vin saves Elend by feeding him Lerasium, effectively making him a Mistborn, and a powerful one at that.

In the third book Elend and Vin, now married, conquer most of the Final Empire with the hope of finding special storage caches the Lord Ruler left behind, left with messages on how to fight Ruin. Elend dies near the end of the Hero Of Ages after gathering an army of Allomancers, at the hands of Marsh. Just before his death, he burns duralumin and atium at the same time, giving him a vast wealth of knowledge and a long glimpse of the future, where he presumably saw that the world would survive and decided that it was no longer important for him to do the same.

Personality Edit

Elend is a sarcastic person, sitting by Vin at balls and reading. He is a scholar at heart, and she falls in love with his sarcastic, obnoxious attitude. She doesn't like most of the changes Elend receives from Tindwyl, but learns to love them.

He has meetings with Jastes Lekal and Telden, although he goes on to kill Jastes later. These meetings discuss how they will influence the Lord Ruler once they become Lords of their respective houses.

Elend has a rebellious streak, doing ridiculous things merely to tick off his father Straff Venture. Unbeknownst to Elend, he has many half-Skaa brothers or sisters, as his father had sired many, secret offspring with the hope of creating a Mistborn. Many of them are Mistings, and Zane is a Mistborn, although he frequently hears Ruin's voice in his head, driving him to insanity.

In an attempt to awaken potential Allomantic abilities, Elend was beaten as his father watched. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing as Elend didn't inherit the ability from his father.

At the age of 13 his father took him to a skaa girl to become a man. He didn't know that the girl would be killed afterwards.

Vin killed Elend's ex-fiance Shan Elariel, when she revealed she was a Mistborn and tried to kill Elend.

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