The Conventical of Seran is a large fortress belonging to the Steel Ministry. It is located far to the southeast, near the River Seran in the Eastern Dominance.[1] It is in a large valley and has no roads leading to it, ensuring solitude.[2]

The Conventical is sparsely furnished – very stark with a great deal of steel. In the basement, one room resembles a torture chamber, with metal tables, dried blood, and a great many spikes in different metals – presumably hemalurgic spikes, for creating new Inquisitors. The individual quarters for Inquisitors and obligators are on the upper floors.[3]

Sazed believed the Coventical had a large library.[4]

After the death of the Lord Ruler and the fall of the Final Empire, the Inquisitors and high obligators fled to the Conventical of Seran rather than join Elend Venture's new government.[5] A year after the fall, Marsh and Sazed discovered that the Conventical has been abandoned. Inside one room on the main floor were dozens of corpses, slaughtered by sword or axe, which appeared to be the bodies of the servants. Beyond the hemalurgy torture room, Sazed found another room, cut into the stone, which contained a large steel plate.[6] The plate was engraved in an ancient Terris dialect by Kwaan, who claims to have been the one to have discovered Alendi, the presumed Hero of Ages.[7]

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